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Fitness Center User Policy

Exercise Orientation/Assessments
  • Those wanting to learn how to use the exercise equipment can sign up for a free exercise orientation appointment at the ROC office.
  • Participants desiring a health assessment and an exercise program designed personally for them may do so at an additional charge of $30 for the SmartKey. We recommend that you see a member of the staff before you start a training program.
  • Each participant should go through an exercise orientation to understand proper use of the equipment.


Key Cards

  • All participants are required to attain a barcode.
  • Participants will be given a key card to access the exercise areas.


Locker Rooms & Lockers

  • The ROC and FBR are not responsible for articles left in lockers, lost or stolen items.
  • Although children are allowed in the locker rooms accompanied by a parent, they may not have their own locker.
  • Please do not leave sweaty or soiled clothing in the lockers.
  • Please do not leave valuables unlocked or unsecured in the dressing room.
  • For your protection, all articles must be placed in a locker.
  • Participants may use a locker during their visit to the ROC by putting their own lock on a locker.
  • Lockers will be provided daily on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Locks left on lockers after the ROC closes for the day will be cut off and items will be given to local charities.
  • Lockers are available for rental at $5/month. You provide your own lock.



  • Any patron checking “yes” to a question on the PAR-Q will be subject to review, and a Physician’s Approval Form may be required to be filled out by a doctor and returned to the Fitness Director.
  • A doctor’s release should be updated yearly by the member.
  • After filling out a PAR-Q, if your health changes so that you would then answer “yes” to any of the questions, tell a member of our fitness staff before working out again.
  • Delay becoming much more active if you are not feeling well because temporary illness such as a cold or fever—wait until you feel better.
  • If you are or may be pregnant, delay becoming much more active until you have talked to your doctor.
  • The safest way to start an exercise program is to begin slowly and build up gradually.
  • Exercise is safe and helpful for the vast majority of people. However, for some people with diagnosed or undiagnosed health problems, exercise can be dangerous and even fatal. All ROC participants exercise at their own risk.
  • Report any injuries to ROC staff.
  • Do not go into the restroom or shower stall—or anywhere else alone—if you are feeling ill or faint. Instead, immediately report to a ROC staff member.


Rules of Conduct

  • The ROC seeks to maintain a Christ-honoring atmosphere that is safe, clean and conducive to growing Christian character. As a condition for admission, participants agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and in accord with the policies and rules contained in this manual.
  • The Pastor and staff will be responsible for the enforcement and interpretation of all policies and rules, in their sole discretion.
  • Infractions of the policies, rules, or regulations may be handled in one of the following ways:
  • Warning and explanation of the rules
  • Suspension of privileges
  • Notification of parents (high school and below)
  • Language should be respectful, courteous and kind at all times. Inappropriate, foul, or offensive language, gestures, or printed material are prohibited. Users should behave with courtesy and respect toward other users and toward the facility.
  • The use or possession of alcohol, and/or tobacco will not be allowed in any area of the ROC. No person shall be under the influence of any intoxicating beverage or substance.
  • Use or possession of any controlled or illegal substance is prohibited.
  • Possession of guns, knives or any dangerous weapon on FBR premises is prohibited.
  • Users shall not behave in any manner which can reasonably be expected to disturb other users or staff, including loud, profane, abusive, obscene, threatening or insulting language or by any other disturbing noise, conduct, or behavior.
  • Users shall not jostle, harass, interfere with or invade the privacy of another person.
  • No fighting, harassing, interfering with staff or others allowed.
  • Please do not bring any animal into the ROC other than those assisting blind and disabled participants.
  • Do not carry any flammable liquid, explosive, acid, or other dangerous explosive liquid or substance or that which gives off offensive or excessive odor.
  • Please do not use laser lights/pointers inside the building.
  • Do not engage in any unlawful conduct as defined by city, state or federal laws.
  • The use of the ROC and all equipment will be at the risk of the participant. FBR and the ROC do not assume liability or responsibility for any participant. Participants will sign a liability waiver which holds harmless FBR, it’s staff and volunteers.
  • Equipment must be used for the specific use for which it was designed.
  • Individuals who check out equipment are financially responsible for any equipment damaged or destroyed by improper use, or that is lost or stolen.
  • Persons who are found to be in violation of this policy manual or directives from staff may be ordered to discontinue the prohibited behavior or leave the FBR premises. Any person who refuses or fails to obey such orders shall be guilty of violating these regulations, and staff may contact local authorities. Any suspension of privileges for violation of these rules shall not entitle the user to any refund for any portion of pre-paid fees.
  • FBR reserves the right to search any bags on FBR property.


Aerobics Room

  • No one is allowed in the Aerobics Room unless he or she is part of the class.
  • Only workout shoes are allowed on the aerobic floor.
  • We recommend that you tell the aerobics instructor if you are new to aerobics or if you have not worked out recently.
  • Report any injuries to ROC staff.
  • Students must be 13 years old with a parent, or 16 years old without a parent to participate in an aerobics class.
  • Do not over-exert yourself. You do not have to do everything the instructor does.
  • Only ROC staff may operate the sound system.
  • Participants must wait for a ROC approved instructor to begin working out in the aerobics room.
  • No food, gum, or drink other than bottled water is allowed.


Assumption of Risk

  • Users assume a risk of physical injury or even death while participating in recreation or exercise activities.
  • Users also shall be responsible to keep possessions safe and under their control. Any loss or damage of personal property by a user shall not be the responsibility of FBR or its staff.


Cancellation of ROC Membership

  • Membership must be canceled by completing a cancellation form 30 days prior to cancellation.
  • Any outstanding balance at the time of cancellation must be resolved before a membership will be reinstated at a later time.
  • FBR and the ROC reserve the right to deny re-application to any previously cancelled participant.


Hours of Operation

  • Notice of closing times for special events and holidays will be posted at the ROC office.
  • In case of inclement weather, please call 816-268-1527.
  • Hours of operation are subject to change due to facility usage and church worship schedules. Check at the office for any changes.



  • Basketballs, volleyballs, footballs and other equipment are not allowed on the track.
  • Nothing may be thrown from the running track to the gym floor or from the gym floor to the running track.
  • Everyone must run/walk in the same direction. Directions are posted at the track and will change daily.


Age Requirements

  • Students must be 16 years of age or older to be present in the ROC exercise areas unless they are with a program specifically designed for their age group.
  • Students ages 12-15 who have been certified through “Teen Fitness” may use the exercise equipment without parent supervision.
  • Students 16 years and older may use the exercise equipment without a parent/legal guardian present.
  • Students must be 16 years or older to join the ROC Fitness Center on their own. A parent signature is required.
  • Once students are out of college or are 23 years old, they must have their own membership.
  • Members may bring children contained in strolers on the walking track.
  • Childcare is available through First Baptist Raytown Church for children ages 6 weeks through 6th grade.


Cardio & Strength Training Areas

  • All participants must check-in at the ROC office before entering.
  • Before beginning a program, each participant should go through an exercise orientation with a member of the staff to understand proper use of the equipment.
  • Adjustments and repair to equipment to be done by ROC staff and/or approved technicians only.
  • If others are waiting to use the equipment, participants must limit themselves to 30 minutes on that piece of equipment.
  • Personal trainers other than ROC staff are not allowed to work with clients in the ROC.
  • Wipe off seat and other items used when you are finished working out.
  • Please replace dumbbells and plates in the appropriate racks when finished.
  • No food or drinks, other than water, are allowed in the Fitness Center or Gym.


Registration Counter

  • All registrations for leagues and other recreation events can be made through the ROC office or online at www.rocfitnesscenter.org.
  • ROC Fitness Center memberships and registration documents may be submitted at the office counter.
  • Participants may check out equipment by leaving their car keys at the office.
  • The staff cannot be responsible for any articles that are left unattended by participants.


Dress Code

  • Modest, appropriate attire should be worn at all times. Please use discretion and sensitivity about the exercise clothing worn in the ROC:
  • Shorts must be worn over tights, leotards and biking shorts.
  • Midriff must be covered by shirt or top. No half-tops are permitted.
  • Men must wear shirts and keep shirts on at all times.
  • Sport bras must be covered by a T-shirt, leotard or tank top.
  • Shorts must not be too tight or too short.
  • Appropriate athletic footwear should be worn whenever playing on any surface or using recreational areas. Open-toe shoes are strictly prohibited in any area.
  • ROC staff reserves the right to make decisions about appropriate attire, in their absolute discretion, and may ask participants to modify their attire or to leave.



  • Players must play in tennis or basketball shoes only. No black soled or running shoes will be permitted on the gym floors. No hard-soled shoes are permitted on the gym floor without the floor cover being installed.
  • Scheduled activities will have priority over open gym. These have exclusive use of the gym. Participants cannot disturb practices, games or programs that are scheduled. Call the office for availability before coming to the ROC for open play.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the gym, unless the gym floor cover has been installed (requires prior notification & preparation).
  • No water activities are allowed to take place in the gym without prior approval from the Fitness Director.
  • Chewing gum shall not be distributed for consumption in the gym.


Family Membership

  • Family includes a husband, wife and dependant children living in the same household, or attending college up to and including the age of 22, as claimed on IRS documents.



  • Members have the option of paying Annually, and receiving a two month discount, or
  • Monthly by automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account, or credit card.
  • No cash only accounts allowed.

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