September 21, 2016

What is Multiply?

Multiply is a two-year initiative that we expect to start a long-term domino effect in our church, our community, and the world. It is a season where we are being called as a church to encourage growth happening here at First Baptist Raytown. God has done amazing things through FBR over the past 174 years as we have been on mission for Him, and now we have the opportunity to Multiply our mission even further as we increase our efforts and attentions toward being a church filled with disciples who make disciples.

We believe God has a vision for FBR to be an impact church, a church that transforms the landscape of our community through our ministry.

Generosity is the key to making this transformation happen.

But it all begins with us. God is calling us to live lives of extravagant generosity. To be a part of Multiply means to surrender to a lifestyle of generosity. Throughout the next two years, we hope to become a more generous church altogether – a church filled with generous individuals and families.

During the next two years we are funneling our generosity into one single fund that includes all of our ministry efforts. General ministry fund, campus improvements, debt reduction, and outreach support – it’s all in one fund and for one reason: to help us focus on being a church of disciples making disciples.

Over two years, First Baptist Raytown typically receives close to $10 million in tithes and offerings to support the mission and ministry of our church. The Multiply initiative is intended to raise the level of generosity at FBR so that together we can increase our giving by $4 million over the next two years, for a two-year total goal of $14 million to Multiply our vision, our outreach, and our impact.

Our VISION $8.3 Million

FBR’s vision is to be a church of disciples making disciples, and that’s what our regular ministry plan already supports. Your regular tithes and offerings will continue to be paramount in funding our church’s role in the Great Commission, including the funding of Sunday worship services and discipleship opportunities; preschool, kids, and student ministries; outreach events and outreach through the state and cooperative programs; and the personnel and facilities that help make all of those ministries happen.

Our OUTREACH $1.7 Million

Multiplying our outreach means being more intentional about reaching the 85% in Kansas City who are unchurched as well as expanding our reach around the world. One of the best ways we can multiply our outreach is through the planting of satellite or multisite campuses of our church around our metropolitan area. We would be one church in multiple locations. Giving through Multiply would invest the seed money toward the launch of our first campus. In addition, we would also set funds aside to take care of our existing campus, including investing in parking lot repairs, education building re-carpeting, and worship center enhancements that would prepare us for the next exciting phase of our ministry.

Our IMPACT $4 Million

Our existing vision and outreach already have had a huge impact on the Kansas City area, but what if we could have even more impact? What if we could multiply even further? We can! We simply have to pay down the debt we incurred when we built our campus, and then we will be able to multiply exponentially and with freedom!

TWO-YEAR GOAL $14 Million