FBR’s vision is to be a church of disciples making disciples, and that’s what our regular ministry plan already supports. Your regular tithes and offerings will continue to be paramount in funding our church’s role in the Great Commission. Our vision ministry plan includes support for:

Worship & FBR Groups

Through worship and FBR Groups, Sundays are all about making better disciples who can then go out and make more disciples.

Family Life

Discipleship starts at a young age, so we have special ministries and events for preschoolers, kids, and students to help them along the journey.

Personnel & Facilities

We are blessed with a beautiful 25-acre, three-building campus and 40+ staff members who help make all of our ministries run smoothly.

2017 & 2018 Ministry Plan

Our annual ministry plan is the total operating cost for the year, including a 3% budget increase for each year. The 2017 ministry plan is $4,063,958, and the 2018 ministry plan is $4,212,877.

Our Outreach

Multiplying our outreach means being more intentional
We will be one church in multiple locations.

FBR has been making disciples in the Kansas City area for over 170 years, but according to research, there are still approximately 1.8 million people in our community who do not have a relationship with God. That's 85% of our community who need to experience the Gospel. It's time for FBR to increase our efforts in reaching our community for Christ. In order to do so, we must multiply.

One of the best ways we can multiply our outreach is through the planting of satellite or multisite campuses of our church around our metropolitan area. We would be one church in multiple locations. Giving through Multiply would invest the seed money toward the launch of our first campus.

In addition, we would also set funds aside to take care of our existing campus, including investing in parking lot repairs, education building re-carpeting, preschool and children’s areas improvements, and worship center enhancements that would prepare us for the next exciting phase of our ministry.

As we look toward reaching the lost in our community and around the world, we are also in the planning stages of adding a pastor who will minister specifically to millennials (18-32 year olds), as well as investigating how we can be involved in providing a Bible translation to a people group without access to the Word of God in their own language.

* Please note that all of these initiatives are subject to change based on actual giving.

  • Unchurched in Kansas City

    85% of people in Kansas City are unchurched. That’s 1.8 million people who do not have a relationship with God!

  • Giving Less Than $10

    Out of 3,000 households represented at FBR, 2,000 are giving between $0 and $10 per week.

  • Tithing Families/Individuals

    It is estimated that only 11% of families or individuals at FBR are giving 10%.

  • What We Need to Multiply

    In order to reach the 85%, we need to be 100% funded. We need each individual or family to multiply their own generosity so we can multiply the Kingdom.

Our Impact

Our existing vision and outreach already have had a huge impact on the Kansas City area, but what if we could have even more impact? What if we could multiply even further? We can! We simply have to pay down the debt we incurred when we built our campus, and then we will be able to multiply exponentially and with freedom!
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Since 1843
We are the largest church in our city and the surrounding area, but there are still so many in our community who don’t have a relationship with Christ. What if we had more resources to dedicate toward reaching them?
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Kansas City

Metro Impact
85% of our metropolitan area is unchurched and churches all around our city are dying. What if we could partner with more of these churches to help reach the lost in neighborhoods all over Kansas City?
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United States

National Impact
FBR services are already streamed online all around the country on a weekly basis, but what if we could plant churches that provide a place for fellowship and discipleship to these online viewers?
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Global Impact
We have already taken short-term mission trips, supported foreign missionaries, had our messages watched overseas, and sent LifeCoach: Discipleship abroad, but what if we could do more?


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