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We want to make sure your 10-13 year olds are growing as leaders at FBR, which is why we have KidLead on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in B-118.

The next semester of KidLead begins Wednesday, September 30. Sign up by September 9!

How do I sign up my preteen?

Each preteen needs to submit an application and have two SIS (social influence surveys) to be admited into the program. Note: Use jabercrombie@firstbaptistraytown.com as the trainer email on the application.

KidLead regularly costs $200 per semester, but we are offering KidLead for only $65 per semester because we believe this is so important for our kids. We want as many preteens as possible to have this opportunity. You may coordinate your payment with Jen Abercrombie after an application has been submitted.

What Leadership qualities will KidLead teach my child?

• Ethics (what it means to have high moral, internal standards)
• Integrity (what it means to be honest and internally whole)
• Responsibility (what it means to be dependable, taking ownership)
• Commitment (what it means to be dedicated and persevere)
• Honor (what it means to esteem people and value them)
• Confidence (what it means to exude faith, take risks)
• Servanthood (what it means to be humble and put the team first)
• Optimism (what it means to be hopeful in stressful situations)
• Communication (how to get your message to others)
• Recruit (how to get people on your team and in the right positions)
• Team (how to create unity and focus in your team)
• Conflict (how to diffuse potentially destructive emotions)
• Power (how to get it and use it appropriately for good)
• Vision (how to decide direction and inspires others with it)
• Strategy (how to get to the goal the best way)
• Change (how to make transitions effectively)

Kids are already busy; why do they need another activity?

It’s challenging to find a balance between developing our kids’ talents while still maintaining unstructured playtime and relaxation. Activity for activity’s sake isn’t necessarily healthy, but investing in programs that really benefit kids long term are valuable. KidLead is uniquely designed for parents who want to assist their children in developing their leadership aptitude. Most leaders don’t have the chance to do this until after college, between the ages of 25-35. Imagine the head start you can give your child with 10-20 years of experience by the time most are just starting their formal leadership training. KidLead also includes parent training so that you, as a parent or guardian, can develop your child’s leadership ability informally, in daily interactions. Plus, research indicates that our moral compass is pretty much set by age 14, which means that if we’re going to teach ethics in the context of leadership, we’d better do it earlier than later.

My kids are already in sports, music, and dance lessons. Why should I consider leadership training?

If you’re like most parents, you want to provide for your child’s social development and success in life. Let’s be honest, though, most of the extracurricular activities we provide do not significantly equip them for the future. For example, hundreds of thousands of kids play organized basketball. However, 97% of youth won’t play basketball beyond high school. For example, only 4% of high school basketball players will go on to play college ball. Only 1% of them will receive a Division I scholarship, but of those, only 1% will ever play in the NBA. Are the thousands of dollars paid for fees, equipment, and lessons wasted? Probably not. But doesn’t it make sense to invest in training that will last a lifetime and can pay off with improved work opportunities and organizational roles? Top universities are looking for leadership experience in their applicants, in addition to strong GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Whatever we invest our time and money in comes down to priorities. KidLead’s vision is to raise next generation leaders who are effective and ethical. That may mean giving up a dance or sports program here and there to make room for the long-term benefits of leadership training.


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