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Junior Bible Quiz

JBQ is an opportunity for your kindergartener through 6th grader to learn more than 500 Bible facts and hide God’s Word in their heart. Quizzers meet weekly on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. and compete in quiz matches with other churches one Saturday each month September through March.

For more information, contact JBQ Coordinator Carolyn McCraw at 913-709-1549.

What is JBQ?

Junior Bible Quiz is a fun and exciting way to motivate children to understand the all-important truths in God’s Word. Through cooperative teaming, children work together to learn and understand the questions and answers from the Bible Quiz sets. Then, using friendly competition, the children meet with other teams for a fun quizzing match. There are twenty questions in a match, with two teams of quizzers trying to beat each other to the buzzers to get the first shot at the answers

What is so good about JBQ?

Junior Bible Quiz gives kids a desire to read and study the Bible! While they learn the questions and answers for JBQ, they are learning God’s Word and how to apply it to their lives.

Goals of JBQ:

  • Encourage children to step into the Bible and to discover who God is, what He has to say, and then apply it to their lives
  • Build up the Christian family by giving both parents and children an opportunity to study God’s Word together
  • Foster intellectual and spiritual growth in our children, through study and personal achievement
  • Help develop a respect for God and His Word, authority, and others

What the program offers:

  • Weekly fellowship and practice time with other children in the program
  • Tools and support to help children study and memorize important facts about the Bible and key pieces of scripture
  • Goal achievement and advancement programs that reward children for growth through study
  • Monthly local area quiz matches for those children wishing to compete

JBQ is open to all children who are:

  • Enrolled in kindergarten through 6th grade during the quiz year (The Pee-Wee group is for K and 1st grade. The questions are read to them and presented in various formats)
  • Committed to regular study times each week
  • Willing to attend a weekly practice time

What is the value of competition?

Children learn valuable lessons through the competition of quizzing. Children learn to win without boasting and lose without complaining. They can learn to treat opponents and officials with respect. They can learn discipline, as they study for a match.

Where do the questions come from?

JBQ is a set of 576 questions and answers from the Bible. All of the questions together give children a solid basis for a strong and lasting relationship with God.

Check out our live webcast on Sunday mornings at 9:30 & 11:00. You can now watch on your computer, tablet or phone.