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CSI: Christian Studies Institute

Many teachers, deacons, and other leaders of the church have never taken a class in Biblical Backgrounds, Church History, Theology, etc. These types of classes are usually reserved for ministerial students attending a Christian college or seminary. As a result there is a gap in the theological training of many church leaders. Christian Studies Institute (CSI) is an attempt to help bridge that gap by providing college level classes that will be open to anyone with a desire to grow in their faith. The CSI diploma program consists of the successful completion of seven classes taught by qualified teachers in the church. (Classes have a pass/fail system of grading.) After successfully completing the seven courses, the student will be presented a diploma in Christian Studies.

Course Requirements for the Diploma Program
1. Bible Study Methods
2. Old Testament Backgrounds
3. New Testament Backgrounds
4. Church History I (to 500 AD)
5. Church History II (500 AD to present)
6. Systematic Theology
7. Methods of Teaching the Bible

Course Schedule

Fall 2012 Spring 2013
Bible Study Methods Old Testament Backgrounds
Old Testament Backgrounds Bible Study Methods
Fall 2013 Spring 2014
New Testament Backgrounds Church History I
Church History I New Testament Backgrounds
Fall 2014 Spring 2015
Church History II Systematic Theology
Systematic Theology Church History II
Fall 2015  
Methods of Teaching the Bible  

Fall 2014 Semester

CSI: Christian Studies Institute will offer two classes beginning Sunday, September 14. Systematic Theology, taught by Joe Barbour, will examine the major theology themes of the Bible such as God, Man, and Justification. The class is free and open to anyone. A textbook will be available for purchase. Systematic Theology will meet at 4:30 p.m. in B-304 through November 2. For more information about Systematic Theology, contact Joe Barbour at 350-8002. Church History II will focus on the Middle Ages and will also discuss the crusades and Islam and its influence on Christianity. Church History II, taught by Cliff Ramsey, will meet at 4:30 p.m. in B-302. For more information about Church History II, contact Cliff Ramsey at 220-1573.

Check out our live webcast on Sunday mornings at 9:30 & 11:00. You can now watch on your computer, tablet or phone.